10 best Android Apps


I know most of you are being used to our mobile game hacks releases, but this article is about 10 of the most useful apps you can download right now on Android. It was a difficult one to limit our selection just to 10 apps, but we finally made it and decided to share it for free with our readers.

They will help you in your day to day life, and without further delay, we present to you our picks:

1. Waze or Google Maps

Both apps are free and are a must have in today’s age. They will guide you wherever you need to go.

2. 1Wheather

In my opinion, this is the best weather app out there. It is very simple to use and provides a forecast of up to 12 weeks.

3. Google Drive

A free cloud storage solution for up to 15GB. For a small extra cost, you can increase your limit.

4. LastPass Password Manager

Now you don’t have to remember every password. This app will do that for you.

5. Nova Launcher

If you want to have more features, a launcher is a must have for your phone. Nova Launcher is probably the most popular one.

6. Swiftkey

SwiftKey Keyboard is the most customizable keyboard I know of. It has an advanced predictive engine and loads of themes to choose from.

7. Tasker

If you have a Samsung phone, you probably know about Bixby actions. This does exactly that! It allows the users to create custom commands and use them.

8. TickTick

This app is may go to organiser. It helps me keep track of my day to day tasks.

9. Youtube

Of course you need Youtube on every phone you buy. I can’t imagine life without Youtube!

10. Zedge

A complete collection of wallpapers and ringtones to customize your phone to suit your taste.

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