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DragonVale hack and cheats for FREE gems

DragonVale is a very popular game, on Android and IOS devices, where users can breed and collect different types of dragons. This hack we are going to show you is meant to help users get free gems and coins that they can use in game for a better game experience. DragonVale hack is compatible with any version of the game, Android and IOS, and is absolutely free to use. People have been using DragonVale cheats for ages, being able to unlock the best dragons in the game.

How to use DragonVale hack to generate coins and gems?


You first want to find out if you do not know what username your accounts has. There ought to be no issue, but if you can’t identify your account, you’ll have to remember the e-mail accounts you used when registering to play the game. Since that isn’t needed, please be advised not to enter your password.

Second step is to enter the total amount of gems and coins you want to include . You should not include a massive amount of gems as this can get your account locked. We recommend sticking to a routine limit , just to be safe. You need more It is possible to use multiple occasions into the generator and include gems.

According to your past action, there is a small likelihood the generator may request one to manually verify that you’re really an individual . This is not a major deal, and won’t require over a few moments . We have put together a resource page that will enable you when you are getting stuck in this point. This system was implemented out of boots as a result of host outages. Anyway, this shouldn’t happen all the time and if it does, is not a problem .

You have your free gems and coins for DragonVale, is time to go and enjoy the game. Should you found the generator useful, please talk it using different gamers so they can enjoy unlimited resources that are free too. This is an optional step and isn’t 100%

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DragonVale, Featuring the Greatest Collection of Dragons

Downloaded by over 10 million Android users, DragonVale emerged as the best game to collect some rare breeds of dragons. This entertaining game is created and released by Backflip Studios on 14th September 2011 for iOS devices and on 9th November 2012 for Android users.

It is essentially a breeding stimulation game. DragonVale allows you to create a park for dragons and display your dragon collection. Dragon display is an important part of the game because thus the player can earn dragoncash. It is in-game currency which you can use in many differet ways. Let’s find out more about this amazing game to know why you must play it.

DragonVale key features:

DragonVale got popular as the most entertaining dragon collection game. You can enter in this game to develop an exciting dragon park to hatch all your dragons. This park will be their raising ground and now you can choose from more than 500 mythical dragons in this game. The following features make it quite exciting for every player.

  • You can harvest treats for all your dragons and then feed them all. That’s how your dragons grow and reach the next level.
  • Prepare a rare collection of majestic animals, which include deadly dragons to cute-looking baby dragons.
  • Participate in fun races with your dragons and let your dragons go on amazing quests to discover some big treasures.
  • Find new dragons, habitats, decorations, and exciting activities while seasonal events are organized.
  • Collect galaxy dragons to roam in the space and explore new horizons.
  • Separate your dragons in different categories while developing a city of dragons.
  • Maintain information about all the dragons hatched in your Dragonarium.
  • Invite your friends to participate in team games and cooperate in breeding cave.

This game has rich graphics, a unique background soundtrack, and everything that makes a mobile game entertaining for the players.

People have always imagined dragons as fierce monsters that throw fire and destroy everything. Even though it is a mythical creature, it can be cute and entertaining. DragonVale represented dragons in a totally different way.
Now, it has become a perfect destination to find eggs of rare dragons, hatch those eggs, breed new dragons, and raise them for the future endeavors. It will be a wonderful experience to be around all the beautiful and still quite deadly dragons.

Play it now:

DragonVale was first launched for iOS and later it was introduced for Android devices. The developers have made many important changes in this game over the time to make it more exciting and entertaining. You don’t need a high-end device to play this game. It works on every Android and iOS device and it is free to install and play.

You must maintain a good collection of Dragoncash to buy the required premium in-game items for a smooth gameplay. Rich graphics, exciting background track, and spectacular visuals make this game quite thrilling. Get it on your device now and start playing it. You won’t think about switch to another game and that’s how good this game is.

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