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Mini Golf King Hack Cheats Coins and Gold Bars

Hey there, do you want to generate unlimited goldbars and coins in Mini Golf King? Does it sound impossible? Well, this online hack is the safest bet to achieve this. The game is a lot of fun, but after a while, it can get frustrating when you become forced to spend real money on goldbars so you can progress easier into the game. Goldbars and coins are the main currencies in the game, that you can use to purchase items and upgrades, as well as speeding up things. As you progress more and more, you will find yourself in need of a lot of goldbars.

We have checked other Mini Golf King cheats that can add free resources, but unfortunately we couldn’t get any of them to work. Some of them even required jailbreaking the device, which we were not very happy about. This hack however, does not require anything like that. It’s simply an online generator that is able to add coins and goldbars for free into your account. Below you can see a video of how the hack works.

Access Mini Golf King Hack

How to use Mini Golf King hack

The very initial step would be to connect your account into the generator. To accomplish this, you will have to input your in game username or the email address. There’s absolutely no need to enter you password or some other info.

The next step is to enter how many gold bars you’d like to add to your accounts. The amount is your choice and can vary. But if you value your Mini Golf King accounts, do not include a lot of goldbars in one go. This can activate the game’s security system and get your account suspended. Please include amounts that are normal. Should you need more coins, then you can always go back and add more.

There is a small opportunity which you will have to go through a manual confirmation procedure . This rarely occurs and is only a verification procedure to be certain you are a person and you won’t manage to spam the tool. The approach is simple to complete and shouldn’t take you very long time to do it

Now that you got your free goldbars and coins for Mini Golf King, is time to go and enjoy the game. If you found the generator useful, please talk it using distinct gamers so they can enjoy unlimited tools. Nonetheless, this is an optional step and isn’t 100% required.

As a short conclusion, you can now enhance your gameplay in a thing of minutes and unlock all of cool items and other stuff in the game with only a few clicks without spending a few real cash. We hope you enjoyed the read and you may discover this Mini Golf King hack helpful.


What is Mini Golf King about?

Mini Golf King, like its name says, is a golf game where you can challenge people from all over the world in a lot of cool adventures. There are plenty of amazing courses you can pick from, where you can verse other players in real time. The more you win, the more trophies you will win and the more stages you unlock. As you progress through the game, you can upgrade your bats, balls, gloves and other things, to suit your gameplay style. Some of them need a lot of grinding or paying with real money. But now you can use a hack to unlock them.

The gameplay is very straightforward! To fire a shot, just drag and release, just like playing pool. The aim is to find the quickest way to the hole, but also collect as many gems as possible. You can even steal gems from your opponent, by hitting their ball with your ball. This is truly an amazing game, and you can easily spend hours and hours playing it. Just like other multiplayer games where PVP is the main focus, this game is also easy to learn but hard to master! Maybe one day, you will become the next Mini Golf King! The game is free to play and is available on both mobile platforms, ios and android.

What are the main features of the game?

  • Verse other players in real time
  • Simple controls
  • Fight players from all over the world to get their coins and trophies
  • More than 35 beautiful courses to choose from
  • Unlock chests that will give you free gold equipment and upgrades
  • Take part in the weekly league where you can win even more chests and prizes
  • Connect with your Facebook friends so you can send and receive unique gifts

Like most free to play games, this one as well is aiming to make you spend more and more real money. Fortunately you can now use Mini Golf King cheats to help yourself out with some goldbars and coins for free!

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