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Rocket Royale Hack and Cheats

Are you looking for a free method to add unlimited gears to your Rocket Royale account? If you want to defeat your other enemies every round without any problem, then a Rocket Royale hack be really helpful. The online generator we present to you today is able to generate unlimited gears that you can add for free. More and more players make use of such cheats in order to win, so you are left with 2 options: pay real money or start using cheats as well.

We suggest that before you use any generator, you check that is running a recent version. The game is getting updates all the time, therefore it is important that all third-party tools are updated accordingly. In our example today, this Rocket Royale hack generator is getting updates all the time to ensure it is functioning properly. Unlike other cheats, this does not require downloading. It is hosted on online servers and accessible 24/7. As the player does not have to download an apk mod or something else, this is 100% secure to use. Sometimes, apk mods can have viruses which can go undetected by your anti-virus. For more information, please check our comment sections.

How is this Rocket Royale hack functioning?

If the video was not working in your country or you are having troubles accessing it, here is a step by step guide to assist you when you want to use this hack tool.

  • Firstly you need to type in your in game name or e-mail address associated with your account. Do not enter any other sensitive information such as password as this is not required.
  • Add the number of gears to be generated for your account. It is advised to not add big numbers in one go as this ca get detected by the security system of the game.
  • The generator is protected by an anti-spam system as well. Sometimes it asks the user to manually verify that the account is real, therefore you need to perform a manual action. This is account specific and will not take more than a couple of minutes. This step is really easy and should not be any problems when doing it.
  • Last step is an optional task and is about sharing the generator with other players. This way you can help others generate unlimited gears for free as well.

Rocket Royal: Unique Action-Packed Games to test your crafting skills


Rocket Royal is an action genre game. However, your main mission is to build a rocket to fly away from the barren island where you are stuck. For this you need to collect resources which are available in the game from falling meteors. However, you quest don’t end here, there are other players in this game who would like to hijack the rocket and its parts to complete theirs. So, you need to defend your Rocket from them as well while you build it.

For this you also need to collect wood to build a fort around your rocket. It’s a fun building game where you will come across various building and crafting tactics. There is a lot more to the game apart from this. You can navigate through the island to check what’s going on and where do you stand.

Fun Online Multiplayer Game

This is a multiplayer game which could be played with one, two or a squad of three players. These players are real people and no bots are used to play the game. Apart from the game itself, you would also like to discover other interesting content that goes into making of this game like – the characters, various avatars that are available, customer rockets, hammers and special dances.

As you play through the game, you gain experience and climb up the global leader board. The game is very well optimized so that it takes as little as 100 MB when played on full screen mode. It could be even played in phones where you have low capacity to play any sort of games.


  • This is one of a kind game, which you will have never ever experienced before anywhere.
  • The game come in real sandbox mode, that is everything in this island is destructible.
  • There is a lot to explore and you can find some unique Craft Defenses, forts, sky bridges etc.
  • It’s a real time game that could be played with 25 online players at a time.
  • The game is very well optimized and offers highest frames per second.
  • You have got a lot of items that you can grab for free. This also includes various weapons to help you protect your rocket.
  • The game is based on a huge island which acts as a battlefield for this game.

This is one of a kind game, which is unique. The game is based on an island where you need to build a rocket for yourself to rescue yourself from the island. However, the quest doesn’t end here. There are various other players who would be interested in the material you have put into building your rocket and you need to defend your rocket as well. For this you need to build a fort around it by collecting wood from across the island. The unique part about this game is that you can play it solo or with a squad of two to three players. You can connect with your friends online and start playing it with them as well.

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