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War Robots hack for unlimited gold and silver

Would you like to try out a new method with which you can add unlimited gold and silver for free in War Robots? This hack tool might be just what you need. You might have tried different War Robots cheats, but this hack is one of the best ones. Most of the cheats I tried were not working as they should, or didn’t work at all. The game can be played on multiple types of phones, Android and ios, as well as steam. This hack is compatible with every version of the game.

War Robots is the perfect example of what an addicting game is. I find myself loosing the count of hours when I start playing the game. And being so dedicated to the game, sometimes I really feel the need to spend real money on the game. However, cheats like this one can come in real handy and save people some money. Being a free to play game, the balance between a free to play player and somebody who spends money is pretty unfair. This is why I started looking for War Robots hack that will help me sort this issue.

Access War Robots hack

How does the hack work?

First you have to discover in case that you do not know currently what username your account has. There ought to be a issue , but in case that you can not identify your account, you will have to keep in mind the email accounts that you used when registering for play the game. As that isn’t needed, please be advised not to enter your password.

The second step is to enter the number of gold and silver you would love to improve your account with. The amount can vary and is entirely your choice . If you appreciate your game account, do not include too much gold and silver in 1 go. This can activate the game’s safety system and get your account banned. Please include normal amounts . If you need more gold, then you may always return and add more.

On occasion the hack will request you to manually affirm that you are a human being. This will just take you a couple minutes and is an simple measure . This is an avoidance system that prevents players from crashing servers and abusing the motor . This affirmation isn’t got by most people, but if you do, do not stress . We have a page that can get you you face difficulties.

After getting your free gold, then go about and spread the word! Players can get this hack useful too. Social networking may be used by you such as Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. If you want to keep this hack confidential, then that is fine as well. Be sure to bookmark the page so that you may return later.

Now you have seen the way you are able to appreciate more the game and now I have shared with you a quick War Robots hack online I found on Google. If you’re searching, there are. To get a more in depth overview of the game and more cheats, you can bookmark this site .

Ultimate guide to War Robots


War Robots is an online game, where 2 teams will have their robots fighting against each other on various maps. You will use a virtual trigger and thumbstick to control your robot, but can also have additional physical buttons depending on your phone model. After each win, you will be rewarded with gold and silver, which you can use to purchase a stronger robot or upgrade the current one. You can do this in the hangar, where you can customize your robot as you like from weapons and skills to even paint jobs. After playing the game for a while, you will unlock different game modes, such as Clan Wars.

First the game appeared on PC, and later on it was made available on mobile devices as well. However, from reading various reviews from the players, the mobile port is not very successful. This reflected on the low amount of players that started playing the game when it launched on mobile. Controls are not the best either, this being another reason why some gamers didn’t like the game. To complete this bad experience, there were various bugs as well, however some of them have been fixed.

When playing the game for the first time, you will go through a tutorial which will get you used with all the controls and features of the game. However, to fully unlock the game, you need to play until level 20, where you get to join clans and interact with other people. You also unlock the workshop, where you can customize and purchase new cool robots. You can of course spend real money to speed things up, like in any other free to play game. However, you can do this as well with a hack.

The game can put off a lot of players in the begging, due to poor controls. However, the passionate gamers will be rewarded later on in the game with a much more complex and fun to play robot. But only a small number of players will actually give War Robots a chance, considering the enormous amount of games that are being launched everyday.

If you are a mech lover, the War Robots is the right game for you. If you are a parent, you don’t have many reasons of concern if your children are playing the game. Only real reason for concern are micro-transactions, which can be seen as a way of gambling.

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