Endurance - space action

Endurance: a new sci-fi horror game for mobiles

During the last few months of 2019, solo Programmer Ivan Panasenko presented his mobile game creation, which immediately turned into an indie hit, amassing thousands and thousands of being played with RPG fans all over the world. Check out below the game’s play test, for level 1. I find it very cool, and can’t wait for the game to be fully released.

Ailment was in many ways an enjoyable throwback to sci-fi terror classics Like Alien and Event Horizon, but in addition, it delivered its brand of extreme, top-down RPG activity. Endurance seems to expand its predecessor’s success by providing more firearms, much bigger hordes of enemies, and an extraordinary amount of new levels.

Its prequel, Endurance, was initially set to start this season, but the game dev’s decision has been made to postpone the match, providing Ivan additional time to hone your total expertise and add support for additional languages.

Once more, it’ll be a free-to-play mobile game, with a powerful horror story. You may keep in mind that Ailment finally obtained a multiplayer mode after launching, and I expect that Endurance follows match in this aspect.

Endurance - space action

Together with it being a prequel, its own narrative occurs before the first Match’s events. On the way, you will get new equipment, take down tough mobs, and aim to save the few remaining lands.

If you appreciated Ailment or are to get a sci-fi terror adventure, now you can pre-register to play on the App Shop and Google Play. We will soon discover whether it lives up to its favorite predecessor. You will find more information on game’s official website.

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