Retro Drive: a new neon racer with the best 80s music

Thrills along with also a killer synthwave soundtrack. Retro Drive just launched now for iOS, and also using an Android variant now in the works which is set to start later in 2020.

There are now eight custom handmade, exceptionally stylish levels to operate your way through, each one of them using their very own tricky challenges to conquer. Past the core racing activity, each the game’s levels have individual tales to tell.

And no racing mobile title will be complete with no customisable rides for the creative ones. There are only two available at the moment of the launch, but another 3-5 are intended to release at a subsequent date.

As you might imagine, there is a big focus here on its own sense of design, 80s demonstration, not to mention the soundtrack itself. It has got pulsing heavy and sweet synths for days, which will undoubtedly please fans of the very special genre. The entire tracklist could be heard in-game as a result of the addition of a jukebox.

Retro Drive is currently available for downloading as a free-to-play game from over the App Shop . Definitely seems like it may be adequate pleasure, though I guess the soundtrack may be its main attraction.

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